NNIP Partners Remind Residents Staying at Home Saves Lives

Community Information Now (CINow)   (San Antonio)
Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance   (Baltimore)
DataHaven   (New Haven - Connecticut)
Kinder Institute for Urban Research   (Houston)
Urban Health Collaborative   (Philadelphia)

April 2020

CI:NOW reframed the gloomy conversation around the COVID-19 outbreak to a message of thanks to the community members who are sheltering at home to protect their families and neighbors. Their analysis, presented in an infographic, shows 1,271 lives were saved in San Antonio in the first week of the Stay-At-Home order by individuals limiting contact with others. CI:NOW shared their methods and infographic with the NNIP Partner network and inspired four other communities to create similar infographics to remind their community members of how much good they do by sheltering at home.

These analyses suggest, that one month of social distancing and stay-at-home policies may result in:

  • 1,664 lives saved in Baltimore
  • 16,000 lives saved in Connecticut
  • 13,220 lives saved in Houston
  • 4,216 lives saved in Philadelphia
  • 5,607 lives saved in San Antonio

All together, this totals over 40,000 lives saved across these five communities.

These analyses were picked up in several news outlets and by local organizations to remind everyone: what you do right now matters.