MAPC wins HUD Sustainable Communities grant to support MetroFuture Plan

Metropolitan Area Planning Council   (Boston)

June 2010

On October 15, 2010, HUD Regional Administrator Richard Walega announced a $4 million Press conference announcing award of Sustainable Communities grant to MAPCSustainable Communities Grant award for MAPC, on behalf of the Metro Boston Consortium for Sustainable Communities, a coalition created to implement the grant's planning work.

Metro Boston is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the Regional Planning Grant Program because it already has MetroFuture, a regional vision and plan consistent with the federal partnership’s six Livability Principles. MetroFuture is MAPC's 30-year plan to create a sustainable, equitable, and economically competitive Boston Region. The State of Equity Indicators report establishes a baseline for our equity-related indicators and will track the region's progress towards the MetroFuture goals.

The grant supports implementation of MetroFuture, through local planning efforts, state and regional policy work, development of tools and data, and capacity building for local residents and leaders.

Metro Boston was one of 45 regions to receive an award, which range in size from $225,000 to $5 million. The Metro Boston grant is one of only a dozen awards that are $4 million or larger. Read MAPC's Sustainable Communities grant application and the work plan submitted to HUD.\