Boston Indicators Racial Wealth Equity Resource Center

Boston Indicators   (Boston)

January 2023

The Racial Wealth Equity Resource Center is a special initiative of Boston Indicators, the research center at The Boston Foundation. Across our region, there’s growing recognition that racial wealth inequity is among the most pressing issues we face. Fortunately, there’s already a lot of great research to help inform organizing efforts for change. But at the same time, the volume of information is a lot to digest and it can be intimidating for non-experts to find venues for learning about this work in an accessible way.

We created the Racial Wealth Equity Resource Center to address these challenges. It provides access to the best available research on wealth inequality in Greater Boston and it will serve as a growing platform for future research on potential solutions. The Resource Center does this in a few different ways:

  • The resource library. – This section of the site provides curated links to the best existing research on the racial wealth gap, organizing them by topics like Housing & Homeownership, Inheritances & Gifts, and Solutions. In many cases, our team has written brief research summaries to distill key findings for non-technical readers.
  • New policy research. – Over time, Boston Indicators will be releasing new policy research, largely focused on promising asset-building strategies. The vast majority of these papers will be written in close partnership with other local researchers.
  • Research briefs and blog posts. – These shorter pieces will be written by the Boston Indicators team and come out on a more regular basis.