Climate Equity x MetroCommon 2050 Speaker Series

Metropolitan Area Planning Council   (Boston)

December 2019

Eliminating carbon emissions. Advancing equity and resilience. Public health. Economic growth. How do we align those critical needs? That's what the MAPC Clean Energy Forum dug into on December 11. They had stimulating keynotes, the launch of original research on social vulnerability and climate change, and an art installation. Learn more about MetroCommon 2050, Greater Boston's next regional plan:


  • 9:00 AM: Opening Remarks
  • 9:10 AM: Housekeeping, Agenda, & Panelist Introductions
  • 9:20 AM: Speaker Series: Panel Keynote on Climate Justice
  • 9:50 AM: Keynote Q&A
  • 10:35 AM: Break
  • 10:50 AM: Zero to 101: A Brief Introduction to Net Zero Planning with MAPC
  • 11:00 AM: MAPC Research Launch: Tools and Frameworks for Putting Social Equity into Action
  • 11:30 AM: Five x Five Panel: Creating Access to Quality Jobs on our Pathway to Zero
  • 12:10 AM: Five x Five Panel Q&A
  • 12:25 AM: Closing Remarks


Opening Keynotes on Climate Justice

Keynote speakers shared their perspectives on why it is critical for our climate work to center around equity in keynote presentations and moderated discussion :

  • Nicole Hernandez Hammer, Project Director, Clean Energy States Alliance
  • Sandhya Murali, Co-Founder, Solstice
  • Varshini Prakash, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Sunrise Movement


Zero to 101 with MAPC

Through net zero planning, cities and towns can set personalized community goals and targets for reducing carbon emissions. We'll briefly talk about net zero planning and MAPC's Zero to 101 resources, case studies, and technical assistance opportunities.

Mapping Vulnerability to Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are not distributed equally. MAPC is mapping social vulnerability to climate change in Metro Boston and providing municipalities with a framework to address equity in their net zero plans: be one of the first to hear about this exciting new research!

Five x Five Panel: Creating Access to Quality Jobs on Our Pathway to Zero

How can we ensure that our efforts to build a workforce to participate in the new green economy are equitable? Five panelists will provide lightning round presentations to highlight successful local approaches.

Climate Perspectives Art Installation

MAPC's Climate Perspectives project brings seldom-heard voices to the climate equity conversation, communicating what matters most in the quest for climate resilience: protecting people and their livelihoods. Through sculpture and video, our art installation elevates the voices of workers from the construction, farming, fishing, and home health care fields on how climate change is already affecting their industries.