CURA and the Federal Reserve Bank Co-hosts Conference on Using Data to Manage Neighborhood Change

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs   (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

October 2011

CURA and the Federal Reserve Bank Minneapolis Branch co-hosted a conference in Minneapolis on Utilizing Data to Manage Neighborhood Change.  The 100 participants included staff from nonprofits, city agencies, research organizations, and residents.   Along with CURA’s nonprofit partners, Jeff Matson presented their newly released Housing Market Index for North Minneapolis during the opening panel.  Kathy Pettit from the Urban Institute was the luncheon speaker, describing NNIP and telling the stories of how neighborhood data has been used to address housing issues by the Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. NNIP partners. Other sessions described the state’s planning for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the Twin Cities Land Bank’s efforts to acquire foreclosed properties at fair prices from lenders, and the Wilder Research Center's new neighborhood profiles . The conference was held as part of the year-long efforts of the Federal Reserve Board and regional banks to encourage communities to use data in neighborhood stabilization efforts.  The year will culminate with a national gathering (link) in Baltimore in December.