NNIP Camp, Session 3 (June 2019)

June 14, 2019 -
10:15am to 11:15am

"NNIPCamp" is a  series of concurrent “un-conference” sessions co-created by the meeting participants on site.  The purpose is to allow open space during the meeting to share and learn about topics of interest to participants in an informal setting.

Governor's room:

Title: All of the data about housing
Leader: Aaron Schill
Description: We're about to undertake a comprehensive housing policy & investment strategy, and before getting started we're working on developing a big ol' list of data we'll need to understand the existing landscape. The study will address affordable & market-rate needs, evictions & foreclosures, etc. Would love to share what we're looking at and hear what other cities are collecting.
Salon A/B:
Title: New Policing Index and updates on Policing Work
Leader: Kathy Pettit
Description: New Policing Index and updates on policing work
Title: Community Centered Governance
Leader: Eric Jackson
Description: How do we make sure that communities (esp marginalized communities) are at t he center of driving our agenda while maintaining productive relationships with institutions. 
Mayor's Room:
Title: Social Media & Media Strategies for NNIP Partners
Leader: Olivia Arena
Description: In an interest to be more strategic about our use of social media NNIPHQ recently drafted social media policies, guidelines, and goals. We want to use this session to brainstorm ways that Partners are using social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Medium) and how they are measuring impact. What metrics are Partners using? What influencers should we be connecting with? What are creative ways to keep content fresh?