Who is NNIP?

Last Updated: February 28, 2024

NNIP is a peer learning network composed of four types of collaborators:

NNIP Partners

Organizations become NNIP partners when they demonstrate that as data intermediaries they use data to improve lives in their local communities. These organizations represent different types of institutions - universities, independent nonprofits and other institutions. As data intermediaries, all NNIP partner organizations: 

  • assemble, transform, and maintain data;
  • disseminate information and apply the data to achieve impact; and
  • build community data capacity to understand conditions and improve outcomes.


For a full explanation of the role of local data intermediaries, see Chapter 2 of NNIP’s Guide to Starting a Local Data Intermediary.


The Urban Institute (also known as NNIP HQ) coordinates the network, organizes and plans the partner in-person meetings, fundraises for network activities, and manages cross-site projects. They also maintain the NNIP website and coordinate the Executive Committee – an elected group of six staff members from partner organizations who make decisions that govern NNIP.

NNIP’s Alumni Network

Individuals who previously contributed to the NNIP network but who have left partner organizations can continue to contribute through the Alumni Network. Alumni receive access to partners-only content on the NNIP website, as well as invitations to contribute to the partner listserv and invitations to partnership meetings.


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation currently provides general support for the network. Cross-site projects are funded by additional foundations. 

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