Procedures for New Partner Organizations

Last Updated: May 15, 2017

For new organizations, welcome to NNIP! Hopefully you have had a chance to attend some of the NNIP partnership meetings as a potential partner and have learned a bit about the overall goals of the network. We’d like to welcome you to the network by drafting an announcement, which we will post on our public listserve (we’ll run it by you first). We’ll also add your city organizational profile to the NNIP website and showcase it on the homepage.

For the NNIP website, we will set up and send User IDs for the NNIP website. Your staff will have editor privileges and access to the private content. Please review our code of conduct on these materials and respect your fellow partners’ desire to keep information confidential.

We have a few additional requests for you on the website:

  • Please add a short web-friendly description for you organization’s profile, by going to “My Dashboard” in the upper-right corner once you’ve logged in.
  • Please send [email protected] a photo of your city (shows up on the profile page and the rotating partner feature on the home page). The photo should be 640 x 230. It can be larger but keep in mind it will be cropped & resized. We will use a place-holder until we receive your photo.
  • Add the NNIP Partner Badge to your own website. If you need the network logo for a presentation, it’s available here.
  • You can add additional users for your team (either as editors to upload content or just as partners to see private content). Instructions are here. Everyone can update (and should!) their own bio and photo.
  • When you have time, you can enter a couple activities and/or publications to fill out your profile. Please see the online guide for a how-to.


If you have any additional questions or concerns about getting started, you can email your NNIP HQ contact at [email protected].

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