Code of Conduct for Restricted NNIP Website Content

Last Updated: August 07, 2017

The NNIP Website exists to share information from NNIP partner organizations with those beyond the network it also helps connect partners to one another. Occasionally there are items that NNIP partners and NNIPHQ need to share within the network but do not want to be made public. Such items may include meeting sessions, meeting materials and other activities related to strategic business practices; detailed partner data inventories; work in-progress; cross-site project RFPs, etc.; and allows them to share work in-progress. NNIP Partners and NNIPHQ have the ability to mark items on the website as private and limited access to the content to users with logins.

  • Information available only when logged-in to the website is marked with a lock icon. This information should be considered confidential and only shared outside the NNIP network with explicit permission from the NNIP partner organization (or NNIPHQ depending on the item). 
  • Who has a login to access restricted content?
    • NNIPHQ staff at Urban
    • NNIP Partner staff
    • Select other Urban Institute staff
    • Select long-term national funders
    • Select long-term “friends of NNIP” from national organizations

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