NNIP Policy on Endorsing Products or Services

Last Updated: December 06, 2019

As a policy, NNIP as a network does not endorse any product or service from for-profit or non-profit firms. This policy is reviewed by the Executive Committee periodically. Current practice is that Urban/NNIP staff make an initial assessment whether or not we think the product or service is of general interest to partners. If yes, Urban/NNIP staff will fill our or ask the person to answer the questions below by phone or email and then post the information through the Tech and Tools section on the NNIP website (accessible to partners, alumni, and funders only). If Urban/NNIP or a partner thinks the service could be of general interest, we will offer to share an announcement of a webinar or demo with the partners, without the endorsement of NNIP or using any network resources.

Individual partners are encouraged to post similar information about products and services they learn about and to share information about firms that they have worked with and may endorse.

  1. What services/products does your company provide? Please provide a short bulleted list (100 words). 
  2. Who are your current (and hoped-for) clients/customers? (20 words max.) 
  3. Have you worked with other partners in the past? Other community groups? (50 words max.) 
  4. Why do you want to reach out to NNIP partners in particular? (50 words max.) 
  5. Is there published pricing? Any discounts for nonprofits? (50 words max.) 
  6. One-time or long-term service? Access and rights to data (if appropriate)? (50 words max.) 
  7. Who should they contact if people want to learn more? 


Several NNIP Alumni are independent consultants who offer services that could be useful to current partners and one of Urban's roles is to facilitate information sharing within the network. 

  • For services related to the work of local data intermediaries, NNIP alumni can advertise to the NNIP Partners/Alumni Google Group once per year, as well as describe their services in their bio posted on the NNIP website.
  • We encourage alumni to share references for their work, including from former partner organizations. 
  • Out of courtesy, we ask that alumni not otherwise solicit individual partners repeatedly.

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