Last Updated: February 02, 2020

Several Urban Institute staff support the NNIP network’s general operations and cross-site projects, in additional to their roles on research projects not directly related to the NNIP network. We refer to this group as the “NNIP HQ” staff.

NNIP leadership team:

Kathy Pettit and Leah Hendey co-direct the network: developing strategy and fundraise for the network, advising potential partner organizations and partners undergoing organizational change, developing content for the meeting and written products, and conducting external outreach. Leah and Kathy also lead NNIP’s cross-site projects and can answer any questions about Urban in general.

Other staff members: NNIPHQ runs with the valuable assistance of several Urban researchers and staff, who take on a variety of duties.

Camille Anoll is the content manager for NNIPHQ. Camille oversees:

  • Content planning and development
  • NNIP Update quarterly newsletter
  • Idea Showcase webinars
  • Assisting co-directors with Executive Committee calls, cross-site project development, and fundraising.


Olivia Arena oversees NNIP’s communications and partner engagement

  • NNIP social media and strategy
  • NNIP website and statistics
  • Network participation and monthly partner newsletters
  • NNIP Camp at meetings
  • Onboarding new staff at partner organizations


Kassie Scott assists with content and communications updates.

  • Manages the NNIP@urban.org inbox
  • Assists with content development and website updates
  • Conducts the annual data inventory
  • Organizes NNIP Showcases at the NNIP meetings


Leah and Olivia also work on the Urban-Greater DC program at Urban, which serves as the NNIP Partner for the Washington, D.C. area.

To contact any of the above staff members please email nnip@urban.org and we will direct your message to them. 

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