NNIP Communications and Branding

Last Updated: September 04, 2019

NNIP partner organizations are encouraged to leverage their NNIP membership to their advantage. Being a member of a national network like NNIP helps partners increase credibility in their city. In return, when local partners advertise NNIP, it helps the network with visibility across the country.

  • Partner Logos are available on the NNIP website. We require that all partners acknowledge NNIP on their own website by using one of the logos and language about their network membership.
  • The NNIP Flyer is available electronically and in hard copy by request (email [email protected]). These are useful for events such as Data Days (one day events to showcase local data) where there will be people in attendance who may be interested in learning about the basics of NNIP.
  • Contact [email protected] if you need sample slides describing NNIP to be used in presentations for local or national audiences.

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