NNIP: Storytelling through Community Journalism

Charlotte-Anne Lucas
Meg Merrick
Jordan Wirfs-Brock

Following up on the success of the Media session in Portland, we are pleased to announce “Storytelling through Community Journalism”, the first in our "NNIP and Media" webinar series.  This webinar is intended for members of the NNIP and Kids Count networks.  You’re welcome to pass the invitation along to individual organizations you partner with locally, but please do not forward to mass listserves.

The webinar will feature three NNIP partners and their projects working with residents and nonprofits to tell community stories through multimedia.

- Charlotte-Anne Lucas (NOWCastSA) will describe their work with community journalists in San Antonio.

- Jordan Wirfs-Brock (Piton Foundation) will share their efforts with a local partner who is turning a Photo Voice project into an art exhibit featuring photos and data visualization. She will also give an update on the community storytelling and engagement efforts for Piton's Citizen Atlas project.

- Meg Merrick (Portland State University) will talk about how the Multnomah County Health Department has been working with recent Hispanic immigrants to explore the challenges to health in their neighborhood in North Portland.  She will share how Photovoice powerfully communicated grassroots concerns, as well as the lessons learned from the experience.