Data as a Tool to Preserve Unsubsidized Affordable Housing

November 16, 2023

Laura Abernathy, National Housing Trust
Geoff Smith, Institute for Housing Studies
Roberto Requejo, Elevated Chicago
Jennifer Newcomer, Colorado Futures Center
Jennie Rodgers, Enterprise Community Partners

This NNIP-hosted webinar illustrated two examples of how advocates and affordable housing developers and investors can make use of local data on unsubsidized affordable housing to create tailored policies and investments to preserve this housing stock.

The session featured case studies from Chicago and Denver: 

  • The Institute of Housing Studies in Chicago’s research of 2-4 unit properties and working in collaboration with advocacy organizations, including Elevated Chicago, that led to an equitable transit-oriented development policy passing that included a ban on 2-4 unit conversion in transit areas.
  • The Colorado Futures Center collaborated with partners to identify unsubsidized units using parcel data and shared these data with the Colorado Housing Finance Agency and a preservation working group, including Enterprise, who developed strategies with nonprofit housing agencies to acquire these properties.