Data 101 with Community Facts

Illustrates basic data concepts using a local data portal by having participants complete a “data plan,” going from a basic question to data-informed analysis

by Shift Research Lab, The Piton Foundation

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit staff, funders

This single-session training introduced participants to the basics of data and indicators using Community Facts, a free mapping data portal for the Denver region by Shift Research Lab, including why they’re used and how they can be helpful. The group activity asks participants to complete a data plan, starting with an overall question and then thinking through the dimensions and specific measures. It also contains links for free data sources and tools. 

Participants acquire skills and do in-class exercises to better understand the following:
  • Data visualization 
  • Open data sources and tools 
  • The features of Community Facts 
  • The usefulness of data and indicators

Creative Commons License

Course Categories: General Data Literacy, Local Data Website