MPIP assists development of ArtsRising project, collaborating with Philadelphia Education Fund, Fleisher Art Memorial, and Public Citizens for Children and Youth

(Inactive) Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project   (Philadelphia)

2010 - 2012

MPIP is providing data and mapping assistance to the ArtsRising project being implemented by a combination of arts and children’s organizations.  In conjunction with five Philadelphia middle schools, ArtsRising is creating “Arts Zones” to give youths more arts opportunities, both in and out of school.  MPIP is helping ArtsRising to identify and map the program assets that exist in the neighborhoods surrounding the five hub schools.  MPIP integrated 6 databases of afterschool programs into one comprehensive list of available programs.  That list now serves as the backbone of their new ArtsRising website.  MPIP also created maps showing where thee organizations were located to facilitate the next steps in their program planning and outreach plan.