Designing a Air Monitoring Network for Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Urban Health Collaborative   (Philadelphia)

June 2017

Jane Clougherty from the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Dornsife School of Public Health has launched a new project titled "Design and Implementation for Spatially‐Distributed Air Monitoring Campaigns in Philadelphia."  The primary goal of thestudy is to design and validate a template for an air monitoring network in Philadelphia. Currently, there is little available data to estimate spatial variation in air pollution exposures across all Philadelphia neighborhoods, for epidemiological and policy purposes. Dr. Clougherty’s project will inventory and map available data on air pollution emissions across the City of Philadelphia, develop site selection and temporal allocation to separate impacts of key pollution sources and implement a pilot NO2 air pollution monitoring campaign.

This is one of the five proposals that the Urban Health Collaborative selected for funding to promote urban health research at Drexel University. The projects cover a range of topics and will conduct research related to the mission of the UHC with an emphasis on understanding and improving health in cities, interdisciplinary work and partnerships. See the full list on the UHC website.