The Boston Opportunity Agenda; Healthy People/Healthy Economy; Boston Foundation Impact Measures

Boston Indicators   (Boston)


The Boston Opportunity Agenda is a $27million public/private partnership among the City of Boston, Boston Public Schools and funders to strengthen Boston’s education pipeline. Using its 2008 Education Report Card as baseline, the Indicators Project will use Weave to report annually on progress toward goals for school readiness, preK-12 student performance and post-secondary training/college, with the first report due next spring. The Project will also report progress on the Healthy People, Healthy Economy Initiative through a scorecard showing progress in reducing child/adult obesity, preventable chronic disease rates (particularly among people of color) and the rebalancing of public health and health care strategies and costs -- now heavily skewed toward expensive care rather than community-based prevention.  Finally, the Project works with internal staff to integrate neighborhood indicators in quarterly and annual impact assessments in nine fine-grained strategies. These will be “visualized” using the new Scorecards and Dashboards on Weave