Research Analyst

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Posted On: January 18, 2020
Post Expires: February 29, 2020
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Saturday, February 29, 2020

As a member of the HCDC team, research analyst performs a variety of technical duties involved in the processing and analyzing datasets in conjunction with community-based research projects. The research analyst is primarily responsible for performing statistical analysis and providing data/research services. In addition, the research analyst assists in HCDC’s training efforts by creating training material and delivering training sessions or webinars to facilitate the use of neighborhood-level data.

We are seeking a professional who is equipped with wide-ranging skills related to data analytics and visualization. S/he is familiar with social science research and has a good understanding of various social issues (e.g. demographics, housing, health, education, transportation, socioeconomics, etc.). Additionally, s/he should be able to translate data into accessible and understandable information for a broad base of community members. S/he has strong problem-solving, communication and presentation skills.

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