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Adriana Paz


Adriana is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in applied artificial intelligence at Erasmus University in Brussels, Belgium. She earned a master’s degree in computer information systems from Grand Valley State University (GVSU), and a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering, informatics, and computer science from Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

At GVSU, Adriana serves on the Big Data Advisory Council and Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association executive board; is a founding member of the AP Social Justice subcommittee, and is an affiliate research faculty member of Padnos College of Engineering & Computing. Adriana mentors young professionals through the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and GVSU students through the Fostering Laker Success program. Adriana volunteers as an information systems security advisor for nonprofits in West Michigan.

Technical Skills: Data management, Data visualization and design, Information design, Website development