Staff and Board Diversity in NNIP Organizations

Last Updated: December 31, 2019

In supporting thinking about DEI efforts within Partner organizations, NNIP sought to build a common understanding across the network of the current diversity of staff and board.

  • NNIP Survey of Staff Diversity and DEI Efforts
    • In fall of 2018, NNIP HQ surveyed Partners about the racial, gender, country of birth, and age of staff, board, and advisory committees to understand the diversity of the network and establish a baseline from which to track progress. NNIP HQ also fielded a survey of staff at Partner organizations about their experiences with diversity and inclusion efforts at their organizations. The survey asked about human resources responsibilities, hiring practices, board development, outreach, overall commitment to DEI work, challenges to incorporating more equitable practices in their organizations.


  • NNIP Diversity Brief 
    • The brief "A Look at the Diversity of NNIP" summarizes the findings from the 2018 survey data on the diversity in NNIP. It includes analysis of various aspects of staff diversity: racial, gender, county of birth, and age. In the brief, we also outlined initial short-term and long-term goals on diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Network, including facilitating ongoing conversations, opportunities for trainings, and collecting resources to serve as best practice guidelines.


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