NNIP Network Communications Channels

Last Updated: May 01, 2024

NNIP has several ways to communicate with partner staff and to facilitate peer exchange.  To reach individual staff, registered website users can download the full staff list (which is updated periodically) or visit the Staff Directory on the NNIP website.

Public Communications:

NNIP Update is our quarterly newsletter that shares highlights of publications and activities from the network and from the partner organizations. You can sign up to receive the newsletters on the Urban Institute website.

NNIPNews is a public Google group with discussions about neighborhood indicators. There are 700 people signed up for the group, but it is generally not very active (approximately 1 email per week). You can post announcements about new projects, publications, interesting data releases, events, etc. here, as well as general questions about data sources or indicators uses. We encourage you to sign up for this as we send general notes related to data releases and new NNIP products to NNIPNews. Anyone can sign up for the group.

X/Twitter: NNIP's handle is @NNIPHQ though we are not actively posting at this point. You can also follow Kathy Pettit  @kpettitdc or subscribe to the NNIP partners' Twitter lists of NNIP partner organizations or our outreach organizations.

Private Communications:

NNIP Partners/Alumni Google group is a private group list only open to NNIP partner staff and alumni. It is used for announcements or requests for advice from partners’ staff. You must receive an invitation from the Urban Institute to join this list. If you’d like us to send an invitation to a different email, please let us know.

The NNIP “Business” Distribution List is an internal list for sending notes related to specific requests for information, cross-site project opportunities, or management of the network (like admitting new partners or reviewing new policies). We also send the partners’ meeting invitation to this list. Each NNIP partner determines who they would like to be included, and any changes should be sent to [email protected].

Please send a note to [email protected] requesting to join one or both of these lists.

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