NNIP Network Activities Calendar 2024

Last Updated: May 16, 2024

Month Call to Action               NNIP Activity                                
January Engagement survey


February Comments on NNIP Code of Conduct (optional) Urban mobility webinar (2/12)

Partners finance survey (3/4 release)

Call for G. Thomas Kingsley Impact award (3/27 release)

Idea showcase (3/6)

Webinar: Measuring and communicating impact (3/29 - Jake Cowan and other partners)

April G. Thomas Kingsley Impact award submissions due (4/22)

Intro to GitHub session (4/11 - Rob Pitingolo and Erika Tyagi)



Call for cross-site ideas

Quarterly call for shout-outs (5/20)

Discussion Session (topic TBD)

Buddy Coffee

June NNIP Alumni survey Idea showcase (6/26)

Featured Alumni webinar (topic TBD)

Virtual Session for interns

August Data inventory update (optional) Idea showcase (date TBD)
September Quarterly call for shout-outs Fall NNIP Partners meeting in Detroit (9/23-25)


October Engagement/Network Climate Survey Urban expert webinar (topic TBD)

Call for nominations for Executive Committee

Quarterly call for shout-outs

Featured Alumni webinar (topic TBD)

December Executive Committee election

Executive Committee elections
Awards: Call for submissions


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