NNIP Associates

Last Updated: October 26, 2021

In rare cases, partner organizations have a strong, ongoing relationship with individuals who provide some critical local data intermediary services in their communities and who wish to participate in NNIP peer learning activities. The network recognizes that there is mutual benefit in having these individuals more involved in NNIP, so permits each partner to nominate up to two individuals for special status as an NNIP Associate. An individual is eligible for nomination after he or she has attended one NNIP partner meeting held outside of their own city (or equivalent virtual activities if we have paused meetings). The nomination needs to be approved by NNIP Executive Committee and NNIPHQ.

If the nomination is accepted, the NNIP Associate can join the NNIP Staff-Alumni Google Group, have a website login to access restricted content, and receive regular invitations to partners’ meetings as a guest participant. A public list of NNIP Associates will be posted on the website (similar to the NNIP Alumni list), and the individual’s role can be acknowledged in the description on the NNIP partner’s profile page. As with alumni, associate will be expected to pay the guest fee for the meetings. The person would be asked to sign an agreement, to be renewed biannually, acknowledging the code of conduct for the NNIP Staff-Alumni Google Group and private website content. This arrangement may be invalidated if the code of conduct is not followed or if the NNIP partner organization closes or leaves the network.

If you have a local person you would like to nominate, please email Kathy Pettit and Leah Hendey (kpettit@urban.org & lhendey@urban.org).

Current NNIP Associates

  • Sarah Coffin, College for Public Health and Social Justice, St. Louis University
  • Randy Sargent, CREATE Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Anne Wright, CREATE Lab, Carnegie Mellon University


Last revised: October 2021

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