NNIP Code of Conduct

Last Updated: April 05, 2024

Relationships are the foundation of the NNIP network. Local partners started the network more than two decades ago to learn from each other about how to help communities use data to shape strategies and investments so that all neighborhoods are places people can thrive. This code of conduct is meant to honor that spirit of community and support.  

Please note we also have an Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policy that seeks to ensure an environment for all participants that is free from discrimination and harassment, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, national origin, citizenship status, veteran status, race, age or religion.   

This code of conduct and the NNIP’s Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policy apply to all participants, whether network members or guests, at all NNIP Network activities and events, including, but not limited to:   

  • In-person convenings;  
  • Virtual webinars and meetings;  
  • Online (digital) communications (email, Google Groups, NNIP website, social media, etc.); and   
  • Social activities, virtual or in-person, convened by NNIP or adjacent to NNIP-convened events. 


NNIP co-directors will provide informal feedback when they learn of any participant who violates the norms listed below or in the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy, but also reserve the right to ask those participants to leave the event/platform or to ban them from future participation.  For any questions or concerns about the code of conduct or to notify NNIP directors about violations of these norms, email co-directors Kathy Pettit ([email protected]) or Leah Hendey ([email protected]). 

General Expectations: 

  • Create a safe and inclusive environment. We do not tolerate discrimination against or harassment of any participants in any form.   
  • Treat people with respect and professional courtesy. Mutual respect and professionalism are key ingredients to building a supportive NNIP community and achieving our common goals.  
  • Appreciate participants’ varied backgrounds and experiences. We all bring different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and motivations to this work.  Each participant's unique perspective adds value to the network, and we make an effort to try to understand each other’s differences in experiences. 
  • Assume good intentions, but repair when harm is done. We give each other the benefit of the doubt and offer grace to those who have made mistakes, when possible. We also recognize that good intentions do not mitigate harmful behavior. We proactively acknowledge when we’ve caused harm and invest in the repair of trust and relationships.  
  • Respect confidentiality. Partners sometimes share sensitive information on topics such as fundraising, fee and cost structures, strategic planning and branding, and more. Keep sensitive information confidential unless you have explicit permission to share with others. We recommend that partners do not share anything highly confidential in our virtual or general meetings since there are risks in any large group. 
  • Give credit.  Only share examples or practices that are already public or with permission of the author. Be sure to credit the source when you do share. 
  • Respect the privacy of participants. As the organizer of events, Urban will announce any recording of a meeting and the planned use or distribution of the recording or notes. We ask that participants refrain from electronically recording or transcribing any session manually or with artificial intelligence tools.  
  • Maintain NNIP’s independence. We do not advertise or sell products or services during NNIP programs or on NNIP communication channels. NNIP does not endorse any consultant, product, or set of services, but does facilitate information sharing about them. 
    • Several NNIP Alumni are independent consultants who offer services that could be useful to current partners. Alumni can advertise their consultancy to the private Google Group once per year and describe their services in their bio posted on the NNIP website. 
    • Out of courtesy, alumni should not otherwise solicit individual partners repeatedly. 


Virtual forums 

In addition to general expectations, while participating in virtual webinars and meetings: 

  • Respect the guest list. To maintain group trust, please do not share invitations to private network events with outside guests without first checking with Urban-NNIP staff.  Also, do not share your individual link received after registering with others. Please direct your colleagues to register individually. 
  • Keep it relevant. We use email and online platforms to ask questions, carry on discussions, and post materials of interest to the work of NNIP and its partners. Urban staff reserve the right to delete messages that are markedly off-subject or inappropriate including but not limited to: advertisements, solicitations, and partisan political commentary.  
  • Use social media in respectful, supportive ways. When posting on social media about NNIP, we avoid disparaging or disrespectful remarks and endorsing a specific political party or agenda.

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