Detailed Data Inventory Private

One of the requirements for partners is to update their listing of data holdings twice a year.  Inventory results are used to support NNIP activities and demonstrate the usefulness of the NNIP model. Being able to have concrete information about all of your holdings has really helped our credibility as a network.  These documents are kept private within the network for fear you would be swamped with research requests unrelated to your local work.

Specific uses include:

  • Individual partners with questions about a certain data set can use the reports to find out what other sites have experience with that source.
  • We can respond quickly to inquiries about potential cross-site projects by showing how many of you have the relevant data files.
  • We prepare a public summary report, which is shared with aspiring sites to give them an idea of which files are most commonly obtained.
  • We calculate the Small-geography Neighborhood Indicator Performance (SNIP) Score annually to give an overall view of each site's data holdings. The methodology can be viewed here. You can also view the Data Inventory SNIP Presentation from the NNIP January 2020 Showcase.


See our instructions for updating your record. If you need assistance, please contact Urban staff at

View the latest detailed data inventory results (Updated February 2020).