About InfoUSA

Last Updated: December 19, 2014


InfoUSA is a product targeted toward marketers and small businesses, with an online database containing all U.S. businesses. The database is downloadable and searchable by Industry, NAICS/SIC Code, Ranges, Sales Volume, Credit Rating, or Number of Employees. Most NNIP partners use this database for basic geographic searches and for the number of employees of local businesses. Prices vary based on the detail of your selected "package." 

The product comes in three different packages from which users can choose. Options are the mailing package, calling package, and the complete package. The mailing package is the most basic and contains the company name, address, contact name, title, contact gender, line of business, metro area, carrier route, and delivery point bar code. The calling package includes all of these fields and a phone number. The complete package includes all of the features of the previous two packages in addition to the company's web address, employee size, sales volume, credit rating score, office size, square footage, number of PCs, HQ/branch, public/private status, franchise status, and yellow page ad size. Once you've selected your package, you can see the leads you've selected on a map and/or download the data.

Pro Tips

Partners have noted that InfoUSA inadequately quantifies large entities such as hospitals, instead breaking them into smaller groups like physicians' groups, labs, etc. Since the database is targeted toward marketers, individual entities under larger umbrella corporations are separated out for contact purposes. Therefore, the annual report from the hospital, for example, may be a better resource for estimating the organization's size than InfoUSA data. 

Additionally, partners noted that sometimes information for branch offices is replaced by corporate HQ figures, leading to  overblown estimates for the figures like the number of employees. 

One partner suggested checking your local library to see if they have a subscription to InfoUSA. 

One partner noted that they use InfoUSA because it includes businesses that may not have an EIN number, but that other resources like Dunn & Bradstreet may be better for businesses with an EIN number. 


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