NNIP Local Partner Finance Survey

Protocol/Methods by Tom Kingsley, Sharon Kandris
August 31, 2014

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

This survey was administered in Summer/Fall 2014 to research the characteristics of NNIP partner finances. It asks about overall levels of staffing and funding for the year.  The instrument also requests information about revenues received for NNIP functions in three categories:

·General Support.  Funding for which there are no (or few) restrictions in how NNIP managers could spend the money across types of activities.

·Project Support.  Funding received from grants or contracts designed to produce specific products and services (for example, research reports, custom maps and data, technical assistance and training).

·In-kind Support. This may include office space, computer services or staff time contributed to the NNIP partner at no cost.

With respect to these categories, we also asked the partners to identify which sources (types of organizations) provided such funding in the reference year.  

The results of the survey are reported in the A Picture of Local NNIP Finances.