Methods for data analysis and visualization using Gephi

Protocol/Methods by Jessica McInchak
August 1, 2013

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

This document contains a guide to using Gephi to process, visualize, and analyze data, and uses survey data from the Urban Innovation Exchange as a use case. Gephi is an open-source platform build for the purpose of processing, visualizing, and analyzing network data and can be downloaded for free. Below is a table of contents for the document which lays out the skills and processes that readers can hope to gain from this protocol. 


1.      What is Gephi?

2.      Preparing data: includes nodes and edges .csv tables

3.      Importing data

4.      Visualizing: Basics: Includes Icons, ranking, layout, filters and queries, partition, statistics, preview and export

5.      Sample visuals and network maps from UIX