Environmental Scan for Data Driven Detroit

Proposal by Data Driven Detroit
October 13, 2013

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

Data Driven Detroit (D3) was created in 2008 to fill a significant gap in neighborhood-level data in Detroit.  The impetus for the entity was the need by the two founding investors, the Kresge and Skillman Foundations, to have reliable data to plan for and track the impact of their investments in the city and its neighborhoods. 

D3 became an affiliate of the state-wide Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) in December 2012. With a current staff of 11 and annual revenues of $700,000, D3 is at a pivotal point in its organizational and program development as well as an impending leadership transition at the end of 2013.

This document is the project scope for an environmental scan to provide guidance for the leadership transition and further development of a sustainable business model within the MNA organization.

The scan has the following primary objectives:

  • To review the overall data landscape, both nationally and locally.
  • To identify the current and future role for D3 as a critical player in the city, region, and state, as well as an affiliate of Michigan Nonprofit Association.
  • To seek input on products, services and modes of data delivery.
  • To assess the organization’s current capacity including data, technology, expertise and competitive advantage.