Summit for Social Good

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute   (Charlotte)

August 2016

 This event is designed to solicit input from stakeholders from non-profits, religious organizations, city and county government, industry partners, foundations, healthcare providers and academia on key areas of focus where DSI can use big data analytic techniques to both evaluate the effectiveness of social good efforts and inform policy makers. DSI is prepared to leverage its data lake infrastructure and toolbox of data acquisition, analytics, reporting, and visualization tools to allow researchers, community leaders, and companies to (a) uncover a set of actionable interventions, (b) evaluate the expected utility of these interventions, and (c) understand the level of needed investment to make these interventions successful.

The Summit will consist of a presentation on current efforts in economic mobility, a roundtable discussion of current projects focused on various aspects of social good, and topic-specific breakout sessions. The day will end with a joint session that will use the recommendations from the breakout sessions to develop a list of ideas/areas of focus/priorities in the broad realm of social good that are of interest and have support from multiple constituencies in the region. DSI will use this list to prioritize its analytics efforts and research investments. We hope that you will be able to attend the Summit for Social Good and contribute to the further development of the social good initiatives in the region.

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