Pairing Life Expectancy Data with Resident Storytelling in Three Connecticut Communities

DataHaven   (New Haven - Connecticut)

October 2019 - August 2020

DataHaven is 1 of 10 organizations awarded grants to spur local conversations around the recently released national data set on geographic distributions of health disparities and life expectancy, the United States Small-Area Life Expectancy Project (USALEEP).

As a part of the Visualizing and Powering Health Lives funding opportunity, DataHaven is pairing community organizing with data analysis to provide action-oriented information with three Connecticut communities: Hartford, the Naugatuck Valley, and New Haven. The project will integrate the USALEEP data, additional data sources, community interpretation of the analysis, and resident-driven storytelling. Local leaders and communities can use this information to advocate for action around health inequities.

Keep up-to-date on this project through the Visualizing and Powering Health Lives project page for DataHaven's work.