NNIP Welcomes the Connecticut Data Collaborative as its Newest Partner

CTData Collaborative   (Hartford - Connecticut)

November 2023

The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership is pleased to announce the acceptance of the Connecticut Data Collaborative in Hartford as the newest Partner organization. 

The Connecticut Data Collaborative (CTData)’s mission is to connect people and data to promote informed decision-making and advance equity in Connecticut. The organization focuses not just on creating more accessible data, but also on supporting people in building data skills to advance equity. CTData leads, convenes, and facilitates statewide conferences, forums, and open data calls which bring data users together to advance a common agenda around data development, access, standards, and use.

Much of CTData’s work focuses on assisting Hartford residents and local organizations with the data and skill-building needed to improve the city. Some examples of the CTData’s local work are:

  • CTData supports the Hartford Data Collaborative, facilitating data sharing and local data infrastructure projects for a network of Hartford nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and philanthropic partners. For example, the Collaborative supports nonprofits in the North Hartford Ascend Pipeline Promise Neighborhood initiative in ethical data collection and integration, to better support the city’s children and families.
  • CTData partnered with Hartford Votes Coalition and the BSL Education Foundation to analyze data to help grassroots organizations in their get-out-the-vote efforts. The organization collaborated with the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s Get Out the Vote grant program participants to identify questions and provide feedback on the preliminary data visualizations. They also published a data story and interactive dashboard to support the organizations in their planning.
  • Through the CTData Academy, CTData integrates data literacy training into many of its projects and partnerships. The organization provides public workshops in Hartford as well as data training sessions for partner organizations who are collaborating on data projects.


For more examples of CTData’s data assistance efforts in Hartford, visit their NNIP Profile. One of the roles of the NNIP network is to promote the development of local data intermediaries in new cities. Learn more about becoming an NNIP partner.

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