A Look into Voter Participation in the Previous Municipal Election in Hartford

CTData Collaborative   (Hartford - Connecticut)

November 2023

With the upcoming municipal election in Hartford in mind, CTData partnered Hartford Votes Coalition and the BSL Education Foundation to analyze data that could help grassroots organizations in their get-out-the-vote efforts. The result is the voting story and neighborhood dashboard. Through interactive sessions with the Harford Foundation for Public Giving’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) grant program participants, this group identified several questions that would be helpful in their efforts. We used the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s voter registration file to look at the participation of current residents in the previous municipal election (November 2019) combined with ACS data. Before publishing the project, we met again with the GOTV program recipients for a Data Walk. During this session, we shared preliminary data visualizations and they reviewed the data, shared what they found interesting, and provided insights and context. The feedback we received strengthened our work and has been woven throughout the results and visualizations.

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