Equity in Data Community of Practice

CTData Collaborative   (Hartford - Connecticut)


CT Data hosts the Equity in Data Community of Practice, which is comprised of data users in Connecticut who are supporting one another in working towards more equitable data practices. Racial equity is an explicit focus of the group, but not the only focus of the group.

Some topics discussed by the group are:

  • How can we make sure we don't make certain groups invisible through how we disaggregate our data?

  • How can we learn to focus our attention on the strengths, rather than the deficits, of groups we are seeking to serve or support?

  • How can we learn from the people who we hope will benefit from our products or services about what their data means to them?

  • How can we help our institutions that we are part of to be trustworthy so that people will trust us with their information/data?

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