Ingrid Gould Ellen and Josiah Madar Participate in ANHD’s Annual Community Development Conference

Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy   (New York)

March 2012

Furman Center Co-Director Ingrid Gould Ellen participated in a panel: “The Next Steps to a Comprehensive Housing Strategy: Permanent Affordability and beyond” at this year’s ANHD Community Development Conference. Ingrid Ellen’s presentation focused on the needs and challenges for affordable housing in New York City, particularly the declines in the availability of rental units that are affordable for low-income households. 

Also, Furman Center Research Fellow Josiah Madar moderated a panel at the ANHD conference: “Will the Single-family Housing Market Get Better or Worse in 2012?” This panel focused on how the New York market for single family housing is being impacted by various factors including a recovering economy, increasing REO inventory, a growing shadow inventory of foreclosed properties, and restrictive underwriting standards.