Hartford Youth Data Fellows

CTData Collaborative   (Hartford - Connecticut)


Since 2022, the CT Data Collaborative has managed the Hartford Youth Data Fellowship - a program for Hartford youth ages 17-24 that provides them with tools and experiences needed to engage and analyze data about their communities. Youth are recruited to participated in a five-month after-school program, during which they participate in workshops on data literacy, analysis, and visualizations. Youth also serve as co-researchers as they trace the connections between their lived experiences and its impact on their own development. At the end of the program, participating youth speak at a Data Walk attended by community members and city leaders. Youth also leave with a data project that can be a part of their resume or portfolio.

The program is a part of the Hartford Data Collaborative (HDC) a network of Hartford-area non-profit organizations, government agencies, and philanthropic partners that facilitates data sharing and integration among its partners.