Furman Center Researchers Present at AREUEA Conference in Washington D.C.

Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy   (New York)

May 2012 to June 2012

Furman Center researchers presented on topics including transferable development rights, household formation, urban development and mortgage loan modifications at The American Real Estate and Urban Economics (AREUEA) 40th Annual Mid-Year Conference in Washington D.C. Affiliated Faculty Researcher Sewin Chan and Doctoral Fellow Jackie Begley presented “The Effect of Housing Wealth on Work and Retirement Decisions.” Co-Director Ingrid Gould Ellen, Research Fellow Josiah Madar and Data Manager Max Weselcouch presented “What’s Really Happening to the REO Stock? An Analysis of Three Cities: New York, Atlanta, and Miami.” Director Vicki Been, Legal Fellow John Infranca and Research Fellow Josiah Madar presented “The Market for Transferable Development Rights in New York City,” which analyzes development rights transfers throughout New York City, especially on the dynamics of transfers in the West Chelsea Special District. Ingrid Gould Ellen and Doctoral Fellow Michael Gedal also examined land use themes in “Valuing Urban Land: Comparing the Use of Teardown and Vacant Land Sales.” Research Fellow Andrew Hayashi’s “Salience, Inertia and Other Determinants of Property Tax Appeals” finds that property tax salience, measured by mortgage escrow, affects property tax appeals.