Center for Economic Information releases CityScope/MetroScope 2.0

(Inactive) Center for Economic Information*   (Kansas City)

May 2011

CityScope is the web-based service which provides public access to CEI’sneighborhood indicator program data and mapping. It debuted in spring 2002 as a prototype running on 1rst-generation map server software from ESRI, with publication of CEI’s original housing conditions survey for the City of KCMo. Offline since August 2010 for a major upgrade in both function and content, version 2.0 finally went live last week.  The new version is designed to provide sub-metropolitan area profiling, mapping, and database extraction services for demographic, social, housing, and economic indicator data at two distinct geographic scales: local/neighborhood (CityScope) and regional (MetroScope). Local scale services are available with the April 2011 debut; regional services are planned for summer/fall of 2011.

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