NNIP Camp, Session 2 (June 2019)

June 13, 2019 -
2:15pm to 3:15pm

"NNIPCamp" is a  series of concurrent “un-conference” sessions co-created by the meeting participants on site.  The purpose is to allow open space during the meeting to share and learn about topics of interest to participants in an informal setting.

Governor's Room:

Title: Didn't get enough storytelling?
Leader: Jake Cowan
Description: As a follow-up to Thursday's workshop, this camp session will allow attendees to dig further into the material and continue practicing stories! 
Salon A/B:
Title: Environmental Indicators
Leader: Allison Plyer
Description: We want to hear about environmental projects (environmental indicators in the context of NNIP Partner work). What indicators are Partners using? What are some environmental data available? How are Partners tackling topics like resiliency, environmental justice, cliamte change? Are you looking at the intersection of climate and other topics (i.e. environmental justice and housing)? 
Title: Vision Zero Data
Leader: Rob Pitingolo 
Description: Does your city have a Vision Zero intitative (a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all)? Are there data reporting requirements as part of  the initiative? How are you using the data that's being released?
Salon C
Title: Gentrification/National Collaboration
Leader: Jana Hirsch & Yvonne Michael 
Description: The Urban Health Collaborative at Drexel University in Philadelphia has been developing a survey measure, Perceptions About Changes in Environment and Residents (PACER), to assess neighborhood residents’ experience in gentrifying neighborhoods. The survey includes questions related to residents’ experiences with any changes to your neighborhood over the past three to five years, including amenities and businesses, affordability, physical environment, and social dynamics. Survey development to-date has included a survey and cognitive interviews completed by NNIP experts across the US. Between now and our meeting in Milwaukee, we will complete additional cognitive interviews with neighborhood residents in different types of neighborhoods in Philadelphia. We plan to share an update on our survey and work together to plan a national project with interested NNIP partners to collect survey data in multiple cities across the US and link the findings to census-based measures of gentrification and information about health.
Mayor's Room:
Title: Airing of Grievances
Leader: Bob Gradeck
Description: The annual time to talk off the record about things we find challenging in our work. 
Title: Walk outside to view nearby neighborhood(s) and talk about ways to measure built environment quality(e.g., audits, sensors, surveys, tree counts, maintenance agency data) 
Leader: Mark Abraham