NNIP and the Media

March 2, 2012 -
10:15am to 11:45am
Charlotte-Anne Lucas, Jordan Wirfs-Brock, Peter Tatian, Max Weselcouch

In this session, Charlotte-Anne Lucas introduces each media topic below and gives practical advice of how partners can better use communications to accomplish their goals. NNIP Partners then share their experiences before inviting participation from all partners.


  • Using Twitter effectively – Peter Tatian (NeighborhoodInfo DC)
  • Building community and traffic with Facebook
  • Getting media coverage – Max Weselcouch (Furman Center, New York)
  • Partnering with media – Jordan Wirfs-Brock (The Piton Foundation, Denver)


All videos from the meeting are available on a Vimeo album or individually through each session entry.