Leaving to Learn Series

News article by Burt Hubbard, Nancy Mitchell
April 16, 2007

Shift Research Lab   (Denver*)

This newspaper series entitled "Leaving to Learn" from the Rocky Mountain News explored the increasing availability of school choice in Denver was developed in partnership with the Piton Foundation and the Denver Public School System.  The seven articles covered the following topics:

  • Monday, April 16: Denver Public Schools aren’t enrolling about 25 percent of the city’s school-age children
  • Tuesday, April 17: A fourth of all Anglo kids in Denver go to private schools. It’s almost half of all school-age children in some areas.
  • Wednesday, April 18: In some areas of southwest Denver, half the school-age kids go to suburban schools.
  • Thursday, April 19: Charter school enrollment has grown 300 percent in six years, with black families most likely to choose them.
  • Friday, April 20: Northwest Denver exemplifies the tensions over reforming schools.
  • Monday, April 23: Hispanics are most likely to choose neighborhood schools, but they increasingly are exercising choice.
  • Tuesday, April 24: What lies ahead for DPS? .