Selected Publications: General NNIP Model and Cross-Site Initiatives

Last Updated: September 21, 2016

These publications explain the NNIP concept and how it can be applied successfully in local work and cross-site initiatives .

NNIP Concept




Cross-site Initiatives Focused on Children

  • School Readiness and Early Grade Success Initiative: Eight NNIP Partners developed a thorough understanding of the school readiness systems in their cities in this cross-site project and collaborated with local and state organizations with the goal of advocating on behalf of low-income children to insure that these children are healthy and ready to succeed when they enter school.



  • Neighborhoods and Health The cross-site analysis examined trends in maternal and infant indicators in five cities for poor and non-poor neighborhoods in the 1990's. The sites focused their local efforts on a variety of children's issues: access to well-baby care, child obesity, and the effects of residential mobility on health.


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