Procedures for NNIP Policies

Last Updated: September 13, 2019

The following outlines the roles of each actor and the process to establish new policies, guidelines, or codes of conduct for the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership: 

Summary of Roles:

  • Urban-NNIPHQ Staff: Draft language, seek review, post/finalize language
  • Executive Committee: Participate in drafting, review, and provide oversight
  • NNIP Partners: Review and comment



  • For any policies that affect membership in the partnership or alumni network or expectations of members or alumni, we will use the following process:
    • NNIPHQ drafts text and/or discusses policy with NNIP Executive Committee.
    • NNIPHQ revises text and sends for review to the full network via the business list. For policies regarding alumni, the draft text will also be sent to the alumni list.
      • NNIPHQ will attach the policy as word, or provided in email if short, and post the policy on the NNIP Policy guide with "DRAFT" in the title and disclaimer that the draft policy is under review. 
      • The network will have 2 weeks to review and comment on new policies.
    • NNIPHQ will incorporate minor feedback and finalize the policy without further oversight.
    • In the case where substantive feedback has been received, NNIPHQ will review feedback with the Executive Committee. Major revisions to draft policies will be re-sent to the business list for another 2 week review. 
    • Once policies are finalized, notice will be sent to the business list and included in the monthly Partners' Newsletter. 
  • For all other policies and guidelines, such as administrative procedures:
    • NNIPHQ will draft text and either discuss with the Executive Committee or have them review via email. 
    • NNIPHQ will incorporate any feedback and post to the NNIP Policy guide.

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