Youth Housing Survey

Protocol/Methods by IHS

Institute for Housing Studies   (Chicago)

In collaboration with Communities United (CU), the Institute for Housing Studies (IHS) aims to engage youth and families in CU’s five target neighborhoods to identify core housing and community development challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Once determined, IHS will develop data indicators to 1) document neighborhood conditions, 2) provide evidence amplifying the lived experiences of community youth, and 3) inform community-led conversations to define strategies to address COVID-19 related challenges and inequities.The below survey is developed with the help of youth council to help identify some of the core issues being faced by young people during a challenging year.

The survey has four parts: Part 1: Demographic Information; Part 2: Housing Conditions before Covid-19; Part 3: Impacts of COVID-19 on Housing; Part 4: Key Neighborhood Priorities

All responses are anonymous and confidential.