What you may not know about health in the Chinatown-International District (part 1)

Blog post by Sharon Bogan, Nadine Chan
October 7, 2016

Communities Count   (Seattle)

We are writing a three-part series on the health of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in our region, the Chinatown-International District (CID). With a one year nationally-funded grant, The BUILD Health Challenge has led to a robust community partnership that will take a deep look into the health and vibrancy of the CID.

The BUILD Health Challenge grant—which funds InterIm Community Development Association’s Healthy Communities Program and its partners—selected grantees to work on “bold, upstream, integrated, local, and data-driven” solutions for healthy communities. While data is last on the list, it is the first thing we started with. It is through a close look at neighborhood-level data where we can start to see some of the important health issues that are impacting our communities.