Using Indicators to Identify Impoverished Families with Data

Presentation by Joe Baldwin, Denise Groesbeck, Ashley Wheeler
November 16, 2017

Juvenile Welfare Board   (Pinellas County)

This presentation was given at the Community Indicators Consortium's Community Impact Summit 2017.

The Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County (JWB) recognizes that the well-being of children is positively or negatively influenced by their environments and that those environmental factors can be compounded over time. It also recognizes that neighborhoods are unique. This is why JWB deploys staff to work with grass-roots community members to identify and plan for services in their areas of the county. It is also why JWB has been analyzing community indicator data at smaller levels of geography to support data-driven decision-making. This presentation showcases the benefit of integrating data at small levels of geography to identify areas in our county where children and families may be struggling so that resources can be appropriately targeted to improve their circumstances.