Understanding the Impact of Immigration in Greater New Haven

Report by Mary Buchanan, Mark Abraham
January 20, 2015

DataHaven   (New Haven - Connecticut)

New Haven, CT (January 20, 2015)  As an important step in its effort to enhance the civic and economic participation of immigrants in Greater New Haven, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven released today a new report on the impact of immigration in Greater New Haven. The report, entitled Understanding the Impact of Immigration in Greater New Haven, compiles data from federal, state and local government agencies, as well as information generated locally by  DataHaven and The Community Foundation. Written by Mary Buchanan and Mark Abraham of DataHaven, the report is broken into sections that provide a snapshot of the immigrants living in Greater New Haven and Connecticut, the impact of local population change and diversity, and the community and economic impact. The report is intended to help the general public, policymakers and local leaders understand the impact of immigration in the region to inform discussions and community action. It is available online at www.cfgnh.org/immigrationreport or by calling The Community Foundation at 203-777-2386.

"It is clear from the report we are releasing today that the Greater New Haven community is enhanced in many ways by immigration,” says William W. Ginsberg, President & CEO of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. “The data demonstrate that our rapidly growing foreign-born population is successfully building productive and contributing lives here – by working, by creating small businesses that build wealth, by owning homes, by educating their children, and by contributing to the diversity and cultural richness of this community.  New Haven has always been a welcoming community, and the surge of immigration in recent years shows us yet again how important immigration is to the growth and success of our community.”