Turning the Corner: Qualitative Protocols on Neighborhood Change

Protocol/Methods by Diane K. Levy, Maia Woluchem
March 1, 2017

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

One of the core tenets of the Turning the Corner project is the inclusion of qualitative research to capture the perspectives of local stakeholders. This collection of materials was created to guide researchers in our participating cities in their qualitative research for this project, specifically assisting with interviews with business owners and focus groups with long-term residents. This will also facilitate capturing similar themes across the participating cities. Urban Institute researchers developed the protocols based on a literature review, past Urban research, and comments from local participating sites.   These materials are intended to be adapted or augmented as needed for a local context.

The materials are available in a zipped file and include:

  • Interview Guide for Business Owners and Managers
  • Focus Group Guide for Residents
  • Supplemental Materials for Focus Group Guide