Report Detroit: An Interactive Catalog of Neighborhood Research

Website by Stephanie Quesnelle
November 2020

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

The sheer volume of research on Detroit is challenging to sift through.  In addtion, many neighborhood-level reports have focused on the same areas over the years, while leaving others less covered, or not covered at all. This can contribute to research fatigue in some areas of Detroit, while feeding a perception elsewhere in the city that the neighborhood may have been ‘passed over’ in favor of other areas.

To address these challenges, Data Driven Detroit partnered with Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan to launch a new interactive site to catalog research reports about Detroit and its neighborhoods. It is organized by geography, so that people could easily identify areas of overlap and gaps in information. 

The tool catalogs nearly 500 reports about the city of Detroit and its neighborhoods in many topic areas, including arts and culutre, health, housing, and youth.